CBT Therapy Cumbria

With Sarah Fairweather

Anxiety comes in all shapes and sizes. CBT can help with Generalised anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, social and health anxiety, school refusal, OCD, and PTSD.

Depression can range from mild to clinical. I use Behavioral Activation to help individuals get their lives back on track.

Mental Health
This can range from low self-esteem and confidence to psychosis. I can also help with eating disorders, addiction, bereavement, anger management, postnatal anxiety/depression

What To Expect
Whatever you would like help with you will be asked to attend an assessment to discuss your individual needs and ways in which CBT can help. You will be asked to discuss your goals from therapy. Treatment will be collaborative and your progression monitored. Hopefully, you will learn to become your own therapist.

Get in touch — arrange a consultation
I want to help you through.

It’s about you
Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is not just about developing a positive attitude.

I will work with you to encourage you to think about and challenge your views on certain things in your life, such as your thoughts about yourself, others and the world.

How you perceive others’ actions

How the decisions you make affect your thoughts and feelings

How you can break down the role of assumption in your life

How you can address the here and now, rather than being affected by your past

Could You Benefit From CBT?
If you feel you could benefit from cognitive behavioural therapy delivered by a fully qualified and friendly therapist, then don't hesitate to contact me today - I want to help you through.
  • " I really didn't think that i would ever stop my scary thoughts. Sarah helped me understand them and learn ways to deal with them."
  • CH 48yrs
    "Friendly voice at the end of the phone, taught me how to look at things differently. It certainly opened my eyes"