Anxiety Therapy Cumbria

With Sarah Fairweather

You will be invited to attend a assessment session where we can learn more about your anxiety issues.

I will teach you ways to self-manage your anxiety day to day, using techniques which you can take from our sessions for your everyday life..

By empowering you with these self-help techniques, you can move on and overcome the challenges which anxiety brings.

What to expect from anxiety therapy
Our sessions can be held within my comfortable clinic in Kendal or remotely.  Each session lasts for 50 minute, and these can be held every week, or other week. i deal with a range of clients who are suffering with mild generalised anxiety disorder, up to complex post traumatic stress disorder.

Get in touch — arrange a consultation
I want to help you through.

It’s about you
The aim of our sessions is to improve your everyday life, and enable you to cope with your anxiety, no matter how mild or severe it may be. I aim to empower your with the tools which can help to put anxiety to the back of your mind.

Could You Benefit From Anxiety Therapy
If you feel you could benefit from sessions delivered by a fully qualified and friendly therapist, then don't hesitate to contact me today - I want to help you through.
  • " I really didn't think that i would ever stop my scary thoughts. Sarah helped me understand them and learn ways to deal with them."
  • CH 48yrs
    "Friendly voice at the end of the phone, taught me how to look at things differently. It certainly opened my eyes"